Monday Muse v.1 n.1
Response 3
October 1, 1999


If I may be bold enough to reply. I would point out that justice and Justice (and you impressively present the paradox) is yet another example, in my experience, of a problematic language. Do we (or "we") have a difficulty with conflicting paradigms or are we simply limited by vocabulary? You and I (or any two reasonable parties) may agree upon a paradigm (social, ethical, legal, etc.) and maintain a discourse within it. Or are we both terribly wrong? Logic is nonexistent when separate paradigms are legislated to be similar under the law. Trial lawyers keep their talk in a legal paradigm while eliciting an emotional response designed to work on the other paradigm at the same time. Perhaps society cannot handle the paradox! Perhaps the status quo is to not deal with the logic of a situation. In this way the earth may be a spheroid in an elliptical orbit around the sun and yet is subject to "special creation" and Noation floods at the same time, especially in Kansas.

Thanks for the mental exercise. Feel free to flame me if I'm full of it.


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