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Dear Gentle Traveler,

I have, of late, come into the possession of a small and varied collection of poems, the author being within my closest confidence, that I herewith submit to your indulgence. You may be assured that I speak for the author, in all matters pertaining to the transmission, duplication, editing, and authenticity of these works, and proceed under this same author's supervision when I place these pages before the public eye. The author, being shy to the popular attention derived by publication, and wishing utmost that the words be permitted to speak by their own light (and not by the name of their progenitor), has agreed to my entreaties that they be released for public scrutiny only on condition that a pseudonym be affixed to each work, whereby anonymity might be obtained, while maintaining that useful light of sibling familiarity often found wanting where the simple "anon" is author. The author has therefore submitted these works on condition that they be attributed, in all cases, to hok.

I have taken up the task of acting on the author's behalf entirely to see that justice be had for these simple works. No greater calamity could befall their portent than to have them slip forgotten and silent, by the way, as the author grows to find fulfillment elsewhere than by the spinning of so many words.

Know that I share the author's deep commitment to authentic being, whereby it may be found certain that there is no desire in us to deceive or act contrary to the Good in any manner. I pray you understand the precariousness of the author's name, and the selflessness with which I stand as the author's sole confidant and agent in this matter.

Thank you,

David Robert Foss
September 22, 1993

P.S. I could scarcely forgive myself if my intervention in this matter were to adversely effect the reception of the author's work. The work must be permitted to determine its own fate. I would therefore implore your kind judgment, to forgive these poems the indiscretions of their messenger, should my action in this case be found wanting.


Urban Visions
Lost for the Memory
the second self
Beethoven Rain
Platitudinous Religiosity
Pastorale Fragments
Miss Margaret
But for a Name
Ode to the Muse
A loss of Words
So Babbles the Tower

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