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1. Summa theologić I-II, Question 95, Fourth Article. (shortened hereafter to the format: Q.95, A.4) [p.63 of Baumgarth and Regan’s edition of Saint Thomas Aquinas’ thought On Law, Morality, and Politics.]

2. Aristotle, Politics, Book I, Chapter 2. 1253a2. (again, the emphasis is mine)

3. As he states in ST I-II, Q.95, A.4, “Finally, there is a form of government made up by all of these [i.e., monarchy, aristocracy, oligarchy, and democracy], and which is the best..”

4. ST I-II, Q.91, A.1. [p.18]

5. ST I-II, Q.91, A.2. [p.20]

6. ST I-II, Q.91, A.3. [p.21] (emphasis mine)

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8. de regimine principum, Chapter XIV, paragraph 4.

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11. ibid.

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13. ibid.

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15. See especially NE, Book V, Chapter 2, 1130b20-30.

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Fundamentals of Political Theory
PHIL-505-01, Georgetown University
Fall 1991
(© David Foss, November 12, 1991)

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