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The following links have been selected for their content. They represent some of the brightest spots on an otherwise underwhelming medium. The World Wide Web, with its love of colour and sparkle, has a tendency to confuse "stunning" with "interesting." This is unfortunate. There is a tremendous opportunity here, as with every innovation in mass communication, to re-inject popular culture with some degree of thoughtfulness. But we should be honest with our selves, and our history. The flood of senseless banter that now consumes so much bandwidth is much like the torrent of pamphlets which rained down upon Elizabethan London. There are a few gems out there. If we are sufficiently devoted (and have the time) to track them down, their wit and insight are sure to bring pleasure to even the most reluctant reader. But most of the time, we are forced to satisfy ourselves with the doggerel of authors with far too much time on their hands. It does not help that they now accompany their tripe with wondrous array of graphical and sonic distractions. I am not opposed to colour per se. I only lament the tendency among the throng of weekend publishers to substitute icons for ideas. This page is intended to offer some relief to the beleaguered Web traveler who has seen too many platitudes, too many dancing mailboxes, too many pages overflowing with narcissism and buffoonery.

These links are for those of us who so desperately want to believe that the World Wide Web can be intellectually stimulating while remaining profoundly democratic. Like the Web, this page is not static. If you find a site with something to offer the soulful mind, please let me know, and together we will build a better web.

David Foss, June 3, 1997

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Text Archives and Academic Resourses
Popular Governance
Technological of the Mind
Polyphonic Majesty
Tributes to Musical Genius

Friends and Family

Text Archives and Academic Resourses

The Avalon Project (Yale Law School)
Project Bartleby (Columbia University)
Humanities Text Initiative (The University of Michigan)
The Internet Classics Archive (MIT)
Perseus Project (Tufts)
Philosophy (Carnegie Mellon)
Philosophy at Large (The University of Liverpool)

Popular Governance

United States Senate
United States House of Representatives
United States Federal Judiciary
The White House

NASA (Goddard Space Flight Center)

GPO Access (Searchable Archives of the Government Printing Office)
THOMAS: Legislative Information (Library of Congress Online Database)

Technology of the Mind


Music with Substance

Classical Net (by Dave Lampson)

Boston Symphony Orchestra
Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Detroit Symphony Orchestra
National Symphony Orchestra
New York Philharmonic
San Francisco Symphony

The Metropolitan Opera (New York City)
The Washington Opera (Washington, DC)

NPR's Performance Today

Tributes to Musical Genius

Leonard Bernstein (Official Website)

Anton Bruckner (Austrian National Tourist Office)
Ludwig van Beethoven (Austrian National Tourist Office)
Gustav Mahler (Austrian National Tourist Office)

Gustav Mahler on Record (by Deryk Barker)
Gustav Mahler WWW Pages (by Charles Cave and Jason Greshes)

Composer Portrait Gallery (University of Nevada, Las Vegas)


American Museum of Natural History (New York City)

Friends and Family

Oberlin College (Oberlin, OH)
Optimer, Inc.

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