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Art and Aesthetics

When time may afford the greater part of my devotion, this page will present a more complete account of my artistic aspirations and sensibilities. A gallery of photographs has now begun to mature, and paintings will be someday be appended here. Until then, I continue to play the pretender. In that regard I have attached a page of favoured musical recordings.

The musical language of our time is truly something to behold. There is a danger, as we suffer the torrent of its colour and variety, that we may forget the silence that makes it all possible. I have sometimes wondered at the absurdity of much "modern" music, barking tumultuous shrieks into the air as it seeks to obliterate the wonder of the world around us. So much sound, with so little imagination. The music I offer is a music of entire worlds, imagined anew in every listening. Its purpose is not so much to forget. It is to remember. It is philosophy. It is religion. It is truth. It is mystery. You cannot simply hear it. It is music that must be lived.

The list of recommended recordings of Mahler, Bruckner, and Beethoven was drafted for a friend, and I here share it generally. I cannot pretend to understand the underlying works, or the enumerated interpretations, any better than you. Indeed, their language far transcends each listening, and forever presents new insight to the patient heart.

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